DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd. respects your privacy.
Our guidelines for protecting the information you provide us with during your visit to our web site, AllforLab.com, are listed below.
AllforLab.com has been designed so that no personal identifying information is displayed online or is accessible to the general public.
You can browse AllforLab.com and our online catalogues without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself.
To obtain access to special features such as product availability, contract pricing and for ordering we ask that you register on our site.
All most your information is collected when you order and register with on the AllforLab.com.
All information gathered on the AllforLab.com site is stored and maintained in secure facilities.
The information is stored until your request for cancellation.
Our web site is regularly tested for potential security breaches.
When you order and register with DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd. on the web, as well as through our Customer Service Center, we collect the following information: ID, password, name, address, phone, email, payment method, personal web settings and account numbers.
We do not sell or distribute this information to any third party except to complete transactions with our freight companies and third party suppliers that are authorized to drop ship orders on our behalf.
Location information is used by DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd. for distribution purposes to allow us to provide the best possible service levels to our customer base.
Information such as ID, password, name, and phone number are collected by third party partner.

When you register as a customer and provide us with your email address, we will occasionally send you email with recommendations or notices of new products, prices, and services.
This email may include paid or unpaid advertisements from third parties (DAIHAN authorized suppliers).
Once you register, you will be given an opportunity to opt out of this service by changing the settings in your profile or via the first email you receive from us.
If you do not initially choose to opt out, you may still block future email of this type, simply by following the instructions at the bottom of the update messages.
Users also have the ability to turn off order related e-mails.
The types of emails a user receives when ordering through the web site include:
Information may be collected from you via direct mail, electronic and internet campaigns as well as through e-newsletters, requests for literature and support, and customer surveys.
When you respond to a promotional campaign, DAIHAN collects contact information as well as additional information to help us qualify the success of a promotion and to determine eligibility.
Inclusion of your email address and contact information indicates permission to send notices of new products, prices and services, including paid advertisements from third parties (authorized DAIHAN suppliers).

DAIHAN will not sell or distribute names and mailing and email addresses and other contact information to third party advertisers except for the joint promotion of DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd. and the third party.
Your contact information, collected from the promotion, may be transferred to a third party (an authorized DAIHAN supplier) when they are responsible for fulfillment of a free item, sample, information, etc.
At any time you may request removal from our mail list.
We also post surveys on our site. These surveys are optional.
The information is collected to better understand our user community and will provide feedback to allow us to improve our service.
From time to time, DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd. may obtain email addresses from outside vendors and will send these obtained email addresses electronic marketing materials from DAIHAN.
Removal from the DAIHAN list can be accommodated
We never use or install spyware on your computer, nor do we use spyware to retrieve information from your computer.
We use "cookies", which are files stored on your computer's hard drive by your browser.
Cookies help us to identify account holders and to optimize their site experience. Most browsers accept cookies automatically but allow you to disable them.
We recommend that you leave cookies "turned on" so that we can offer you a better experience on this website.
You may occasionally get Cookies from companies advertising on our behalf.
We do not control these Cookies, and these Cookies are not subject to our Cookie policy.
Users can update or correct, their personal information on AllforLab.com by changing their profile information in Edit Information of Customer Information.
  DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. The revised policy will be posted on our website for visitors to review.